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Family NameGiven NameTitleFull TextProgramEmphasisYear
Keaton Michael Philosophy and Consequences: John Locke and the Political Development of South Carolina View PhD History 2020 
Linnell Reese Selectively Silent: The Response of the White Baptist Church to the Civil Rights Movement in Charlotte, North Carolina, During the 1960s View PhD History 2020 
Mecham Jessica The Eternal World Made Flesh: Spiritual and Religious Implications in Abstract Art View PhD Humanities 2020 
Miller Cherie Notions of Theological Free Will in Literature of Sin and Redemption View PhD Literature 2020 
Miller Julie Critiquing Transhumanism: How Its Failed Philosophy Exposes the Impossibility and Human Cost of Techno-Utopia View PhD Philosophy 2020 
Schmoll Zachary Great Men? Considering Chesterton and Belloc's Role in the History of the Distributist Movement View PhD Humanities 2020 
Wilhelm Mike Repentance for a Scientistic Age: The Imaginative Apologetics of George MacDonald's Lilith View PhD Humanities 2020 
Lucas Dwight A Discourse on Plato's and Augustine's Critiques of Poetry View Ph.D. Humanities 2019 
Ramsey Rae Ann Unheimlich: Otherness in the Lives of Three Scientists View Ph.D. History 2019 
Sorensen Robert Christopher Dawson And the Protestant Reformation View Ph.D. Humanities 2019 
Travis Melissa Archetype, Copy, Image: Johannes Kepler's Tripartite Harmony as a Robust Approach to Contemporary Natural Theology  Ph.D. Philosophy 2019 
Withun David To Be a Co-Worker in the Kingdom of Culture: Classics And Cosmopolitanism in the Works of W.E.B. Du Bois  Ph.D. Humanities 2019 
Hawley Jennifer True Stories and Sea Tales: Truth in Pre-Twentieth Century Western Nautical Literature and Culture View PhD Humanities 2018 
Mitchell Stephen The Problem of Freedom in Select Works of T.S. Eliot, Flannery O'Connor, and Walker Percy View PhD Literature 2018 
Owens Bryant The Role of Caritas in the Hermeneutic of Saint Augustine And Its Impact on Philosophical And Theological Hermeneutics View PhD Philosophy 2018 
Norman Elizabeth Transcendence of Beauty: The Longing for Perfection as Evidence of God View Ph.D. Humanities 2017 
Hunter Steven Welcomed as Christ: How Early Christian Hospitality Proved That Christianity Was the Truest Humanism View PhD Humanities 2016 
Jacobs Andrew The Dissertation about Nothing and Christian Nihilism View PhD Literature 2016 
Kreh Jeff Becoming Sui Juris: How Classically Humane Letters Cultivated the Liberator's Spirit in John Adams Prior to Congressional Service View PhD History 2015 
Mendel Jolene Christopher Marlowe and Renaissance Humanism View PhD Literature 2015 
Pegors Nathan Humane Limits of Quantification: Boundaries that Free Quantification to Benefit Man View MLitt Humanities 2015 
Withun David Equal Opportunity through Education: W. E. B. Du Bois's Vision of Liberal Education for Disadvantaged Youth View MA Humanities 2015 
Norvell Christine The Land Is Alive: Land as Literary Character in Willa Cather's Writings View MLitt Literature 2014 
Shirley Taten The Brontë Sisters: Reformational Themes for Women in the Victorian Age View MLitt Literature 2014 
Henry Kasaun A New Mind: The Birth and Development of the American Dream 1607–1789 View MLitt Philosophy 2012 
Puckett Joe The Apologetics of Joy: A Defense of the Existence of God from the Argument from Desire View MLitt Philosophy 2012 
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